There are different methods or rules of betting depending on the games, players and the dealer. There might be limits to them and then there may be unlimited betting. You can decide the manner of betting (blind/ ante/call and raise etc) or it may be the call of the dealer. The betting rules completely depends on who is conducting the game and how. The betting in poker gaming is based on money basis completely. Give your bets on live poker games in Delhi NCR.

Join live poker schedules in Delhi. Get the latest poker schedule here on this website. Poker means simply the set of card games played for money and fun. It is usually played in groups and sometimes alone too. This is lovely and so easy to fall in love with this amazing game where you have fun and you win money too in this poker room. However there are different manners in which this game is played and there is no particular version of it. Of course the betting procedures with every game differ too. There are dozens of the kinds of games being played as poker. In other words if you are familiar with the terms like “straight flush” or “four of a kind” then you are one of the luckiest, coolest and most fun people on this planet. Enjoy poker here on play poker guru and enjoy your time with this amazing game. Get on with awesome poker nights

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The origin

Poker in one form or the other had been around for centuries. Every culture has its own manner of this game but the more popular modern version of poker not came into light before the 1800s. Joseph Cowell reported in his memoir about the game which was played with a deck of 20 cards and people put bet on whose hand was most valuable. With the increasing popularity of poker, they started using a full 52 card French deck. Flush was the earliest form of poker introduced. The game flourished in the Americas and the modern form of tournaments also came in light only at this. In 2009, the international federation of poker was founded in Switzerland. It started taking care of governing and promoting poker events in the category of mind sports. It has organized two events so far, The Nation’s Cup and The IFP’s world Championship.

Teen Patti

It would not at all be exaggerating to say that teen patti on Diwali is the most popular card game in the country. This is no news to the poker players of New Delhi either as they had been playing poker in New Delhi since long. It is also called flush or flash in some parts of the Earth but the most prevalent name is teen patti. The thrill and excitement combined with the mathematical skills of guessing the opponent’s weaknesses and cards gives the thrill of being on a roller coaster ride. So join the live poker game on India’s best poker game website and start playing.

Gastronomic pleasure

Poker is a skill game which makes you lose the track of time and when you are playing the heart of the country which equates guests to Gods, you don’t need to worry about it. From the goblet of culture of India, one of the most delicious wines is food. In the castle of the world, one of the most royal lord’s apartments is food. Get the flavor of the capital city of India in its food and its hosting manner with the most exquisite delicacies from the diverse culture of India, complimentary in the house.

Delhi, the heart of India!

Not only is it the capital city of the most diverse country in the world but also the most multi-ethnic city. This city has not only preserved its culture but also developed to match footsteps with the modern world. The monuments here will make your jaw drop, not just because they are excellent but because of the efficiency of architecture without much technology in the past and the beauty of the structures which are absolute delight to see. It is the place which is within the 5-6 hours driving distance of some of the most beautiful places on Earth, which are Rajasthan, Himachal and Uttarakhand. And most importantly this city has some of the coolest people you will know.
We get a huge number of players from within the country, as well as from across the borders and seas. Playpokerguru organizes cash games on a regular normal basis but we can also hold tournaments for corporate companies, official parties, regional poker game enthusiasts and some private groups, etc depending on the requirement and budget. So enjoy this game of high skills and equally high scale of fun with playpokerguru. This game and its organizers are not limited to the Delhi and national capital regions but also overseas and of course, all over the country.

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